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Vet Info

Some facts to know before you go to the vet:

  1. Rats cannot vomit.  Therefore there is no reason to make them fast before surgery. Indeed, rats need all the energy they can get before surgery because there can be a lot of heat loss during an operation, increasing the risk of hypothermia.  If a rat has not eaten, he or she cannot produce as much body heat and is at higher risk.
  2.  Injection alone is not a humane way to euthanize a rat.  Vets usually euthanize dogs and cats by giving an injection of a drug directly into a vein.  However, mice and rats are too small for this to be possible so an injection for the rat is given either straight into the heart or into the belly.  Both of these injections are extremely painful therefore insist that your rat is given an inhalant anesthesia (gas) before being given any fatal injections.
  3.  Take this with you.  The RMCA Drug chart is a valuable reference to have on hand when a vet is prescribing medication for your rat.  Some medications such as Baytril (Enrofloxacin) often aren’t prescribed at proper dosages. This reference will tell you the correct dosage.  For further information about these drugs and for a wealth of information on rat health care consult this link: Online Rat Health Guide.


Canadian Vets who Accept Rats as Patients


Please do not call a vet who has never seen your rats and ask for free advice.  If you do this then vets may ask to be removed from the list. Make an appointment so that the vet can meet and examine your rats.


Pet Rats Canada cannot make any guarantees about the quality of work the veterinarian will perform on your pet.  This list is intended to help people find vets in their area who regularly accept rats as patients.

Written by Francisco Vietto

Francisco Vietto

Francisco Vietto is one of the chief specialists of The Getafe Veterinary Clinic. He had graduated from the university by the age 24. He is the author of many scientific works on the topic of microbiology in veterinary science. Now he is a thirty eight years old family man. In the free time he is also intrested in surfing and football