Scabs and Itchy Rats

A few months after I first got Rimsky and Korsakoff I noticed that they each had a few small scabs on the skin in their shoulder regions.

I didn’t know what was causing the scabs…. the boys didn’t seem overly itchy and they only had one or two small scabs at a time so I decided that maybe a few of the wrestling matches might have gotten out of hand.

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Scabs and Itchy Rats | Part 2

I always like to double check the vet’s dosage so here’s how I did it for Rimsky and Korsakoff:

Vet’s dosage: 0.05cc (same as 0.05mL)

The weight of my two rats: 500g (half a kg) each

Concentration of the medication: 60mg/mL (from the package)

Known Recommended dosage (from sources such as the RMCA drug chart) = 6 mg/kg

Since my rats are half a kg each, they should each get 3 mg (half of 6mg/kg) according to the known dosage.

0.5kg x 6mg/kg = 3 mg

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