Rat Terms & Acronyms

Rat Terms & Acronyms

This will never be a complete list, and the more contributions, the better. If you have any additions you think should be added to the ever-growing list please send us an email.

Note that definitions are VERY generalized, and everyone will have a different opinion about them.

Bruxing – The teeth grinding sound made by a happy, contented rat. Kind of like a cat purring.

Btooming – Kate’s term for the act of one rattie mounting another rattie in the show of dominance. Don’t ask me…see Kate! 😉

Buck – A male rat

Doe – A female rat

Dumbo – The ears are more rounded, and set lower on the rats head than standard ears.

Eye popping – A very startling phenomenon seen by some rat owners wherein a rat seems to pop its eyeballs out of its head!! It usually occurs when the rat is bruxing, and content.

Feeder – A rat originally intended for food for another animal (usually snakes)

Hairless – A type of rat with little or no hair. Don’t confuse a genetically hairless rat with one that has lost hair due to some type of dermatitis.

Kittens/Pups/Rittens – Baby rats

Manx – A genetic trait which causes the rat to have no tail.

Non-Rex Coat – smooth straight coat without frizziness or waviness, whiskers straight, not curly.

Odd Eyed – Each eye is a different color.

Pinkies – Brand new babies with no hair

Porphyrin – The red colored discharge frequently seen coming from a rats nose and around their eyes. Some porphyrin is normal, extreme amounts, or a sudden change in the amount of porphyrin may be a cause for concern.

pts – Put to sleep

Rex – Curly coated

Standard – The average type of ears everyone assumes a rat has. Usually oval shaped and set near the top of their head.

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Written by Francisco Vietto

Francisco Vietto

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