Injectable Doxycycline = Vibravenous/Vibravenos | Others’ Experiences

Injectable Doxycycline = Vibravenous/Vibravenos | Others’ Experiences

Direct quote from Jane Adamo, ratlist message 51601 “I, and a number of other RatListers have seen incredible, wonderful, fast, effective results in treating myco symptoms with this medication. …



I asked about the dosage of the medication that Rimsky had received and all the vet told me was that the concentration of the solution was 100mg/5mL.  I snuck a peek at one of Rimsky’s patient sheets and it said that he had received 1 cc (1 mL). I intend to get more detailed information and verify this information the next time I go to the vet.  From this information, I tentatively believe that Rimsky received 20 mg. He is roughly 500g (0.5 kg or 1 lb) in weight, so he got a dose of 40mg/kg (or 20mg/lb). This seems a bit low compared to some other things I have read.

I found this on the ratlist:

Written by Cyndi Brown, DVM (Resident, Exotic Animal Service, The Animal Medical Center (3):

“The current dose we use here at the Animal Medical Center is extrapolated from the published per Os (oral) dose for rats/mice in the Exotic Animal Formulary, 2nd edition, Carpenter, Mashima, Rupiper, Saunders Publishing. The recommended oral dose is 5 mg/kg twice daily. The Vv [Vibramycin/Vibravenous] is a slow release formulation which we dose at intervals of every seven days. {5mg/kg x 2 times per day = 10mg/kg per dayx 7 days = 70mg/kg} The dose we use is 70mg/kg every seven days. The concentration of the Vv we receive here is 20mg/ml. The volume of drug ends up being quite large for such small critters and for that reason we administer it subcutaneously. As you both know from personal experience injection site reactions do occur (a very rough estimate would be 10-15% -although a formal tabulation has not been performed – this is just my clinical experience.

An example calculation for you.

  • “400gram Rat = 0.400 kg 0.400kg x 70mg/kg = 28 mg
  • 28 mg divided by 20 mg/ml = 1.4 mls
  • The volume to be administered to a 400 gram Rat would be 1.4 mls (or cc’s) of a
  • 20mg/ml Vv solution
  • Remember1000 g = 1 kg and one milliliter (ml) equals one cubic centimeter (cc)” (3)

Subcu (as opposed to intramuscular) injection may require that the medicine be mixed with a buffer within 10 seconds prior to injection. It also may still burn the skin. (4)

Okay, so where do I get this?

The Links Road Animal Clinic in Toronto (near the intersection of Yonge St. and the 401) has this form of long-lasting doxycycline (that’s where Rimsky and I went).  It is an exotic animal clinic so I’m guessing that they have it on hand because they treat a lot of birds. Their address and contact info are in the recommended vets section of the Pet Rats Canada site.  According to one of the vets there, the Links Road Animal Clinic is one of the few places where Vibravenous is available in North America.

Written by Francisco Vietto

Francisco Vietto

Francisco Vietto is one of the chief specialists of The Getafe Veterinary Clinic. He had graduated from the university by the age 24. He is the author of many scientific works on the topic of microbiology in veterinary science. Now he is a thirty eight years old family man. In the free time he is also intrested in surfing and football